Toy Run

It's All About the Kids

Provide Christmas

On our Annual Toy Run on the 1st weekend in December, we take Christmas to the children of the Cherokee Home for Children in Cherokee Texas.  The Kids send Santa their wish list and our elves deliever just what they've asked for!

Money to Help Year Round

We also provide Cash donations to the Cherokee Home for Children, so that they may help children of the Hill Country all year.  In 2017 we donated almost $6000 dollars to help the Cabins housing the children much needed supplies!

Scholarship Program

We also give scholarships to graduating seniors about to embark on their journey through life.

How did this ALL Start...

The History of Toy Run


In 1984, a band of less than a dozen motorcycle enthusiasts trooped around Johnson City asking merchants and friends to donate toys to help provide a better Christmas for children
in less fortunate circumstances. This simple effort 35 years ago has grown to include a large number of volunteers, events and raising thousands of dollars for the children housed at the Cherokee Home for Children in Cherokee, Texas.

The need to raise more money for this toy run resulted in the 1st Pig Roast in 1992. The Pig Roast is held at the Blanco County Fairgrounds, in Johnson City, TX on the second
weekend in October. The weekend activities usually include several bands, all of which donate their time and talent, a motorcycle rodeo, an elaborate pork roast meal with all the
trimmings, continental breakfast on Sat. Morning, Sunday church services, free camping, an auction from donated items, vendors of all types and a great time in a secure environment. The three day benefit raises money from the gate and concession stand receipts, auction, Raffle Ride and a variety of other events. When the Pig Roast began it was not only to raise money for the Home but to give donors and attendees "something for their money". This is something we still strive to do to this day.

While the Pig Roast raises the money in October, the Hill Country Toy Run is the end result. By the first of December volunteers have purchased and wrapped individual gifts
for the children at the Home. Each child has created their own wish list and we make sure they get the gifts they have personally requested. The remainder of the funds are
presented to the executive director to use as needed in running the home or meeting the needs of the kids. To date we have helped provide a big screen TV for the family room, a
new playground, new computers, new games for the game room, $33,000 towards the building of the great recreation center on the campus, and several thousand dollars in cash
donations. On that Saturday a caravan of motorcycles and vehicles, led by Santa, rallies to the home and provides a very special Christmas memory for the children. After watching the children open their gifts, a great meal is provided by the home and the day is completed with bike rides for the kids. It is a day the children (and all of us) look forward to every year!

The Hill Country Toy Run was established in 1994 to better organize these events and all volunteers. Many of the Officers and Directors of this organization have been involved with the Toy Run and the Pig Roast since they began. The primary purpose of the Association is to provide for the needs of under privileged children, primarily the Cherokee Home for Children, through the Pig Roast Benefit, donations, and various other fund raising efforts. Currently we have about 85 members in the association. Membership is open to
anyone who wants to join or that just wants to help out with the Pig Roast or the Toy Run. In October of 2008, the Hill Country Toy Run became a 501c3 non-profit organization that to this date gives 100% of it proceeds to help the children of the Hill County.

In 2017

We Raised $20,000 dollars at our annual fundraiser Pig Roast.  From that we were able to buy Christmas Presents and Stockings with 50$ gift cards for 40+ Children adding up to the tune of $9000+, give almost $6000 in cash donations and provide a scholarship to 2 graduating seniors!

Help Bring Christmas

Your support and donations will help us bring Christmas to Children in the Hill Country Area

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